Healthy players could be a part of NBA charity match

Headlines 19/03/2020

With the news looking pretty sad we needed some great news like this! The NBA commissioner Adam Silver has announced they are contemplating hosting some type of charity game, which would include medically cleared players. Trying to entertain the sports fans at home as well as raise some money for the basketball league during the coronavirus break. 

“Just because people are stuck at home and they need a diversion, and they need to be entertained,” Silver said. “…To the extent, we were the first to shut our league down. To what extent can we be a first mover to restart our economy.” [via Sports Illustrated]

In more good news, Adam talks about the future of the season and what he thinks will happen. He says that even though he is optimistic about the league being saved in time, he is not sure when that will be and that they will not be resuming the season until they have been given the all-clear from medical professionals. 

The uncertainty around when the season would officially start again we know we would be so keen for this charity match to go ahead!