The Rock once 'Piledrived' someone at the gym after they said wrestling was fake

Headlines 13/01/2020

You might be forgiven for thinking of Dwayne Johnson as just an actor, because the man is in just about every movie that comes out.

But he famously made his start in the WWE, becoming 'the most electrifying man in sports entertainment' and one of the legends of the industry. So obviously the man has a lot of love for the profession, which one unluggy gym goer found out the hard way.

Now we don't mean to ruin anyone's dreams but the WWE is scripted, and the performers are trained to hurt their opponents as little as possible while maintaining the illusion of being 'real.'

But that doesn't mean that it's 'fake,' because when you see people being slammed on the mat, or launching themselves off the top ropes, that's real.

Back to the story, The Rock admitted on IG that he once had an altercation with a fellow gym goer that claimed wrestling was fake.

The altercation finished with The Rock piledriving the man into the ground, which is one hell of a way to prove a point.

The story came to light after someone commented on The Rock's IG post saying "My buddy Dave Racci went to Hamden High with you and he said a guy said wrestling was fake to you and you body slammed the kid..... You're the man D."

The Rock then responded with "Ah yes, unfortunately that's a true story. His name was Randy E and I piledrived him on the gym floor and got in huge trouble."

There's nothing fake about a 6ft 4in 118kg Samoan piledriving you into the ground now is there? Lesson learned.