WATCH: 50 Cent tells the story about when Snoop Dogg stole his Lamborghini

Headlines 16/08/2019

Anyone who follows 50 Cent on social media knows that he doesn't take being crossed very lightly, in fact he's really not a man to be messed with.

But that didn't stop Snoop Dogg from pushing his buttons back in the day, with 50 revealing that Snoop once stole his custom Lamborghini Aventador. On his latest appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the "Disco Inferno" rapper said that he was performing at the Masters of Ceremony concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in June when Snoop surprised him by showing up on stage to perform their “P.I.M.P. (Remix).”

Obviously it went off, by when 50 came off stage, his custom Versace Lamborghini Aventador was missing. 

“I came out and the car was gone,” said Fif. “He walked by the car, saw the car and was like, I don’t know if it was jealous feelings or something, but he actually went to the car and got in the car ’cause the keys are in there.”

50 was searching for the car before he found out that the valet had given it to Snoop. “And the guy that’s supposed to be like the valet parker, I was like, ‘Where did the car go? And he was like, ‘Snoop took the car.’ I said, ‘What?’ I’m like how you just let him take my car. ‘Cause Snoop be [smoking weed] a lot. I think he thought that was his car for a minute.”

50 believes Snoop may have taken the car in exchange for the performance. “Later I made a tape saying that I owed him for the performance because he feel like you got me performing for free and you got cars like this out here. He thought I tricked him into a performance, but he offered to perform.”

Interestingly enough, Snoop even documented the ordeal on video, which 50 then posted to IG:

50 Cent, ni**a owe me some money, so I’m just gonna take the ni**a car right now,” said Snoop. “50, I’ma gonna take your car cuz till you give me my money.”