KFC are releasing vegan fried chicken

Headlines 27/08/2019

KFC is testing a form of plant-based chicken at an outlet in the US, sparking complaints from some meat fans.

The fast-food chain, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is collaborating with the Beyond Meat company on the vegan alternative, which is being sold as Beyond Fried Chicken.

The plant-based faux-chicken will be available at a single KFC location in the city of Atlanta from Tuesday (local time).

KFC says it will consider customer feedback at the Atlanta outlet before providing the vegan option at other branches.

Although KFC's trialling a vegan option in one US location means no reduction in its meat offerings at that location or anywhere else in the world, some people are upset.

Among those triggered into complaining are The AM Show hosts Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson.

"That will be the end of them," said Garner on Tuesday morning.

"They should be proudly chicken - just say 'we are all into our meat'. None of this vegan stuff, they don't have to follow trends."

"You're Kentucky Fried Chicken... show some courage," said Richardson.

"The world is being ordered to march to the beat of a minority drum right now. That minority is trying to say they're the majority, when it's not the case at all."

Amanda Gillies, also a host of The AM Show, was supportive of the trial.

"I reckon it's a good thing, because so many people are vegan and they can now join their mates at KFC," she said.

Gillies added Garner and Richardson should "show some flexibility" and "get with the modern times".

KFC has not indicated which branches Beyond Fried Chicken would be offered at next, if the trial in Atlanta is a hit with customers.

Credit to Daniel Rutledge and Newshub.