Ice Cube reveals his Top 5 rappers of all time

Headlines 14/08/2019

Ice Cube is undeniably a legend of the game, and a true pioneer in his field. From being his iconic run as a member of NWA, to his incredible solo career and beyond, Cube is easily one of the greats.

But who does Cube look up to? Who does he hold in the highest regard? Well he answered that very question in a recent interview with Nick Cannon on Power 106, where he listed his top 5 MCs of all time.

“I always look at the influencers, the pioneers, the ones who virtually created a style or a flavor all their own,” said the N.W.A. pioneer before revealing his top 5.

With that in mind, Cube named Melle Mel, Ice-T, Public Enemy founder Chuck D, with KRS-One and the legendary Rakim as his all star lineup.

“To me those are the trendsetters, the ones who changed the trajectory of the game in a major way,” explained Cube. “It was about skills and talent, and really having their own style and taking it and running with it.”

Agree with Cube's list? Check out the full interview up top and let us know your top 5 in the comments.