Santa to reply to Christmas letters in Te Reo for the first time ever

Headlines 05/11/2019

Tamariki writing letters to Santa this Christmas will get a response in Te Reo for the first time ever this year.

Tens of thousands of Kiwi kids will be writing to Santa hoping for a new Playstation or whatever they're into these days, which they can do either digitally or hand-written.

And for kids doing it through New Zealand have the option of choosing whether or not the response is in English or Te Reo.

"Last year a parent wrote to us suggesting that we offer Te Reo and we thought, absolutely we should, so we worked on that this year to bring it to life," said NZ Post spokesperson Sarah Sandoval.

NZ Post have been running this tradition for 20 years, and they say that a handful of children have already sent in their letters.

Santa's little helpers are aiming for a record 100,000 letters this year.

"We love being able to bring the magic of writing to Santa to young's special knowing they will be making a young person's day when they see Santa's reply in the letterbox," Sandoval said.

Last year 92,395 letters were sent to Santa - which has increased year on year.

Credit to Stuff for the story.