WATCH: Kiwi man hilariously teaches his Aussie mate some Māori words with incorrect translations

Headlines 26/09/2019

One of the best things about belonging to such a unique culture as Māori, is that we often get the opportunity to share it with our Pākehā and non-Māori brothers and sisters.

But one man has used that opportunity to take the piss out of his unsuspecting Australian friend, teaching him a few Māori words (exclusively rude ones), and then giving him hilariously incorrect translations.

For example, the first word he teaches is "tītoi," which he explains is the Māori word for wash or clean, when in actuality it translates to 'masturbate.'

He then follows that up with 'keha' and 'haunga,' telling his mate that it means beautiful when it really translates to smelly or stink.

And finally he puts the proverbial nail in the coffin by telling his friend that 'teke' means car, when it actually means vagina.

We hope his mate doesn't go trying these phrases around other Māori, check it out down below: