WATCH: Lauren London gives powerful tribute to Nipsey Hussle at memorial service

Headlines 12/04/2019

Nipsey Hussle's public memorial service went down earlier today at the Staples Centre in Nipsey's hometown of LA, with friends, family, and fans alike all gathering to celebrate a life taken too soon.

Former President Barack Obama penned a touching letter to Nipsey, but it was his longtime partner Lauren London that delivered the most powerful tribute. People were moved to tears when reading a text message that Lauren sent her boyfriend as they laid in bed one night in January.

"I’m in bed with you while you’re sleeping and I wanted to tell u something," wrote Lauren, opting not to wake up her man. "I want you to know I feel real joy in my heart when I’m around you. I feel safe around you. Protected. Like a shield over me when you’re around. I am totally myself with you (which is prob why I’m annoying) because I don’t wear a cool mask anymore lol. You’ve made me into more of a woman. You’ve given me an opportunity to really love a man. You’ve been with me while I’ve been sick. Through my fears. U have encouraged me, and inspired me to reach higher. I’ve learned so much more about myself with you. You’ve been my turn up and my church. I wouldn’t want to go thru this journey with anyone but you. I look up to you in a lot of ways and strive to educate myself more like you have. And when we’re at odds… I feel defeated and sad, knowing we are so much better than that. I just want you to know that you’ve been the greatest boyfriend to me. You aren’t perfect but I would never ask you to be. You and I work. We fit. And…. you’re still the coolest guy in the world to me. Still! I love you so much. Unconditionally. My truth is this. I’m never going to give up on you. My loyalty and devotion is to you."

Rest easy Nipsey.