Get your mind blown at how much Kanye West is selling his Coachella Sunday Service merch for

Headlines 23/04/2019

Yeezus, that's expensive.

Kanye West recently performed at Coachella over the weekend, but instead of headlining the main stage in the evening, the rapper took to a grassy knoll early on Sunday morning to hold a "Sunday Service".

Why - cause the festival refused to build him a custom dome stage for his headlining slot. Classic Ye.

Yeezy performed a range of his hit songs, and even debuted a new one called "Water" - check out some of it here:

If you're looking at Kanye or his dozens of performers and wanting to cop what they're wearing - you might want to think again.

His Sunday Service merch is hella expensive. Even for Kanye's ridiculous standards.

They're normal products you'd expect to find at gigs - t-shirts, sweaters, socks - but with a crazy high price tag that will send yo ass broke if you tried buying them all.

Have a look.

"Trust God" T-Shirt - $70 ($105 NZ)

Sunday Service Poncho - $75 ($112 NZ)

"Holy Spirit" Sweatshirt - $165 ($247 NZ)

Sunday Service Dye Sweatpants - $195 (291 NZ)

"Jesus Walks" & "Church Socks" - $50 ($75 NZ)

Ok we gotta admit, those Jesus Walks socks are pretty dope....but $75 on two pairs of socks?!! We'll just get some $2 socks from Kmart and draw them on with a vivid 😂

If you are a baller and want to get some of his merch, head over to his website to buy. Just note it will take 4-5 weeks to turn up so you may not even want it by then.