WATCH: Saturday Night Live hilariously parody R. Kelly's interview with Gayle King

Headlines 11/03/2019

As the R. Kelly drama continues to unfold and develop, it can be hard to find any positivity around the situation. But after the "Bump and Grind" singer sat down for his first formal interview with Gayle King last week, his antics and behaviour instantly became a meme.

And now Saturday Night Live have provided a hilarious parody of the interview with Kenan Thompson playing the role of R. Kelly, and Leslie Jones doing her best Gayle King impression. The parody interview features a number of references to Kelly's music, with the best instance being Kelly's response to King's inquiries about why he agreed to the interview:

My lawyer was telling me no, but my ego... my ego was telling me yes,

The skit also highlights a lot of the holes and lies Kelly uses as defence, taking aim at Kelly's blame of social media:

"You can start a rumor about any celebrity just like that, all you gotta do is push a button on your phone & say "R.Kelly did this to me" then, attach of video of me doing that thing & people will believe you, it's scary."

Catch the full parody up top:

It is also important to note that while the parody makes light of Kelly's emotional meltdown, it is not in anyway making fun of the overall situation, or the victims who are involved.