NBA star Ben Simmons pays respect to 'Egg Boy' with Nike sneakers during game

Headlines 21/03/2019

Philadelphia 76ers star point guard Ben Simmons made a statement during his teams recent match up with the Charlotte Hornets, and interestingly it had nothing to do with how he actually played on the night.

The Australian born Simmons took to the court wearing his Nike sneakers, but he had scribbled a special message on them in an homage to Will Conolly, aka "Egg Boy." Conolly took the internet and world by storm last weekend when he smashed an egg over the head of Australian far-right conservative senator Fraser iAnning during an interview.

The egging followed Anning's controversial and downright bulls**t comments surrounding the Christchurch attacks, where he decided to publicly victim blame to further push his anti-immgration and anti-Muslim agenda.

Check out the sneakers down below: