Kiwi war veteran marches against racism aged 95-years-old

Headlines 27/03/2019

A moving image of a 95-year-old war veteran marching against racism in Auckland last weekend has captured hearts across the world.

John Sato was one of only two Japanese servicemen in the New Zealand army in World War Two, and caught multiple buses from his Howick home to attend Sunday's march.

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reported Sato couldn't sleep after hearing about the Christchurch attack.

"I didn't sleep too well ever since. I thought it was so sad. You can feel the suffering of other people."

He said he left his house on Sunday at around 10am to visit a mosque in Pakuranga before deciding to go into the city centre for the march.

In a series of powerful photos, Sato is seen flanked by a police officer and a member of the public, as they fell behind the main marching group.

The Washington Post said his "journey and presence at the rally have become a small symbol of the emotion that has poured forth in New Zealand."

Sato told RNZ he was well looked-after at the march, even got a lift home afterwards.

"Policemen took me all the way home, waited down there until he saw me getting up the stairs. The tragedy in Christchurch, look at what it brought out in people. It shows the best of humanity."

He said the tragedy in Christchurch was an opportunity to learn.

"We all go through our furnace in certain ways and some of the things that happen to us will make you more understanding, I hope."

Credit to Alice Webb-Lidall and Newshub.