Ja Rule is planning to create another festival despite FYRE festival backlash

Headlines 15/02/2019

Have you ever done something really really stupid that pissed off a hell of a lot of people off, and then proceeded to do that EXACT same thing again? Nah? Yeah neither. But that hasn't stopped Ja Rule from dearing to dream!

It appears the "Mesmerize" rapper wants to get back into the festival game again, despite becoming a walking meme following the release of the Fyre festival documentaries. TMZ caught up with Ja outside LAX to have a chat about the doco, as well as his new app, Iconic, which he says he wants to create a festival for.

Ja also admitted that he is yet to watch either FYRE films, claiming that he lived through it and takes the matter very seriously. His new app, Iconic, is similar to the Fyre-app in that it's built for booking acts and artists.

Well what’s crazy is that Ja wants to throw a music festival for his app to promote it, not realizing the damage the documentaries on Netflix & Hulu have probably done.

I have plans to create the Iconic music fest, but you didn’t hear it from me

Check out the full video down below: