A Texas zoo will name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to a meerkat for Valentines Day

Headlines 14/02/2019

One Texas zoo is celebrating Valentine's Day by feeding allowing visitors to name cockroaches after their ex-partners, after which they then feed your "ex" to a pack of hungry meerkats... 

The event is called Quit Bugging Me!!! and the keepers at El Paso Zoo will display ex partners' names around the meerkat enclosure and on social media. Event organiser Sarah Borrego says it was a "fun and different" way to celebrate Valentine's Day:

"All of us have exes and we are still not over it and it's a great way to get the community in and also get out a little bit of the frustration," she said. The event will be streamed lived on Facebook and on the zoo's "meerkat webcam".

Since the announcement last week, the names of 1500 exes have been sent in from around the world, with entries coming as far away as Germany and Australia. 

Ms Borrego said the cockroaches will be fed to monkeys as well as meerkats.

"Cockroaches are considered a treat for meerkats," she said. The animals will only receive one cockroach each as the insects are "the equivalent of cookies" for humans.

Who's got an ex they're keen to see get munched by a meerkat?