Snoop Dogg offers to build Donald Trump's wall... out of lego

Headlines 10/01/2019

It's getting to the point where Snoop Dogg is becoming more and more famous for his social media presence than his iconic music career, just look at the West Coast OG's Insta for proof of that. One individual that catches a lot of Snoop's attention, is none other than US President Donald J Trump.

While it's hardly surprising, considering that Trump is probably the most controversial political figure in the world, Snoop always finds new and fun ways to spite his Commander in Chief. His latest effort, is one of his best.

One of Donald Trump's most prolific pledges to voters, was to build a wall across the USA-Mexico border, supposedly improving the nations security and reducing illegal immigration. The building of the wall has taken some time to actually get underway, for a number of reasons, so Snoop thought he'd kick-start the build by offering his services.

However, Snoop jokingly offered to build the wall out Lego, posting a photo of the President stacking up a wall of colorful blocks as he figures out who's going to pay for his unnecessary structure. "F*ck it I’ll build the wall by myself," wrote Snoop.