Snoop Dogg changes name to "Smoooth Dogg"

Headlines 18/01/2019

Snoop Dogg is a busy man, with his constant and time-consuming social media presence, his many other media appearances, sporting commentary, and yes even his music career. But he's gone and given himself even more mahi by becoming a minority shareholder in Klarna, a tech giant founded and based out of Sweden. When talking to Forbes, the West Coast OG said:

"I've been doing business in Europe for years with fashion brands, telecommunication companies and more,"

"We have been on this smoooth journey for quite a while,” Klarna's CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski told Forbes in the same article. Siemiatkowski says the company's marketing looked far and wide in search of the smooothest person alive, and they found him...

For the sake of his new role as the face of the company, Snoop has decided to take on a new persona of "Smoooth Dogg" for the brand's next marketing campaign. After his Snoop Lion phase, this name change may not be so hard for fans to get behind, and we also don't think he'll be keeping for too long.