Kevin Hart to star in a live-action 'Monopoly' movie

Headlines 18/01/2019

Chris Rock once make a joke in his Oscar's opening monologue about Kevin Hart, saying "Kev make movies fast, every stars don't make movies that fast." Two years later, the joke still stands, as Kevin seems to be staring in everything and anything. But his latest staring role is perhaps one of his most peculiar, leading a live-action movie based on the popular board game 'Monopoly.'

The film will be directed by Tim Story, who also worked with Hart on the film Ride Along, as well as three of Hart's stand up shows. This isn't Kev's first foray into board game films either, after he featured in the 2017 reboot of Jumanji. 

The plot of the film is still under wraps, as are any potential co-stars, but a previous version of the story reportedly centered around a young man from the game’s signature Baltic Avenue, trying to make a fortune.