Steve Hansen steps down as All Blacks coach

Headlines 14/12/2018

Coach Steve Hansen has confirmed he'll be stepping away from the All Blacks after the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

After a decorated seven-year tenure, Hansen said he'd be shifting his focus to his family while he considers his next coaching move.

"As only people who have done the job will understand, there are not only heavy demands on yourself, but also on your family," he said.

"My family has given me unreserved love and support over the last 16 years and I feel it's now time to make them the sole focus."

The 59-year-old said he was keen to make the announcement now in order to give New Zealand Rugby as much time as possible to recruit a successor and remove any distractions through next year's tournament.

"This is a critical process which shouldn't be rushed and shouldn't be made in the turbulent period that tends to follow a Rugby World Cup campaign."

Credit to Newshub