Gucci Mane claims Eminem is no longer the 'King of Rap'

Headlines 18/12/2018

Eminem has had one of his biggest years to date this year, arguably his strongest showing in over 10 years, which has led many fans to believing he has returned to his place as the "King of Rap." Gucci Mane however, isn't convinced.

Speaking to Rickey Smalley, Gucci was posed the question of whether or not Eminem should be considered the ‘King of rap’. Gucci laughed initially, and then went on to explain that Eminem is not someone he and other rappers ever listen to:

"You got to come up with a better name..."

I ain’t playing Eminem in my car. You playing him in yours?

"You sliding around playing Eminem in the car with your old lady?"

It's a dicey call either way, calling Eminem the 'King' would most likely piss off just as many people as denying it. But Eminem's fans are notoriously anal when it comes to defending their man, not allowing any hint of criticism.