German chocolate factory accidentally pours a tonne of chocolate onto street

Headlines 14/12/2018

An extremely unfortunate accident at a chocolate factory caused a very sweet disaster on a German street this week.

DreiMeister chocolate factory leaked a massive amount of chocolate - about 1,000 kg - onto the street due to a "small technical defect". To make it worse, the chocolate solidified due to the cold, which caused dangerous travelling conditions.

It might sound like a dream, but since the chocolate solidified it ended up being a super difficult task to remove. Firefighters were called in and failed to handle it with shovels and hot water, and a special cleaning company ended up helping to removed the chocolate. 

The boss of the factory was apparentlyjust glad the incident didn't happen closer to Christmas Day, as it "would have been a catastrophe."

We wouldn't mind a street full of chocolate if we're honest...