Snoop Dogg is using his own "Donald Trump" ashtray for his blunts

Headlines 23/11/2018

It's no secret that the Hip-Hop community (bar Kanye) aren't the biggest fans of anything to do with Donald Trump. The current POTUS has faced a whole lot of scrutiny from rap's biggest names, from Ice Cube dropping his diss "Arrest The President" to YG's FTD (F**k Donald Trump) track, Trump gets no love from the culture.

One of the big orange cheeto's biggest critics and self-proclamied haters is none other than Big Snoop Dogg, who has been very vocal in his hate for the current president since day 1. A few weeks ago he was yelling outside of the White House as he smoked a blunt, sending a message to the most powerful man in the country.

And now he's stuck to that theme with a new Donald Trump ashtray, which he uses to ash out his blunts. "My new ash trash," captioned the West Coast legend as he showed off his new possession: a miniature representation of Donald Trump that he's using to ash his blunts. His fans seem to find it amusing, praising him in the comments.