WATCH: New trailer for Rihanna & Childish Gambino movie surfaces online after PHAROS Festival

Headlines 26/11/2018

Childish Gambino has spent the last few days bringing his one of a kind PHAROS Festival to Aotearoa, which took place at Tapapakanga Regional Park over the weekend. The festival kept their cards close-by the whole time, giving nothing away in terms of who would feature or what fans could expect.

Earlier this year, Gambino was spotted filming in Cuba with none other than Rihanna herself, and fans began to speculate a collaborative project between the two. Well now we know what it is, as Gambino revealed the trailer for his yet to be named movie during the festival.

In the trailer, Glover can be seen singing and playing guitar before things get a lot more intense. The trailer for the film also reveals that Black Panther's Letitia Wright will star alongside Glover and Rihanna. These details regarding the film previously leaked online thanks to Cuban publication Vistar magazine.

The footage is grainy and not the best quality, but you get a pretty decent idea of what the film will look like from the clip below: