Ice Cube wants to "Arrest The President" in new Anti-Donald Trump diss track

Headlines 07/11/2018

If anyone knows how to provide a verbal beatdown, it's Ice Cube. Just look at what he did to his own boys from NWA:

If he can cut down his OWN boys like that, imagine what he can do to someone he really really hates? Well you don't have to imagine anymore because he's dropping a new diss track aimed at someone he's been very open about hating:

US President Donald Trump.

Teased the same day as the US midterm elections, "Arrest The President" will feature on his upcoming album Everythang's Corrupt. 

Over a montage-style video showing Trump and related garbage, Cube raps the purported POTUS should be arrested because "you got the evidence." Trump, he adds, "is Russian intelligence."

When sharing the teaser, Cube said the "cuffs are ready." The full song drops Friday.