Cardi B buys her mum a huge new house

Headlines 21/11/2018

Cardi B always shows mad love to her family, after taking time out of touring to be with her new-born baby earlier this year, the "I Like It" rapper proved her giving credentials yet again by buying her momma a house.

Cardi told fans that she wanted to buy her mum a house last year, but she didn't have the funds to buy a house as lavish as she wanted. But after the massive year she's had since then, Cardi's finally amassed the fortune required to buy a whare that would make her momma proud.

"Stay down till you come up !Its always been a dream to buy my mother a house .Last year i was so thirsty to buy my mom a house but the ones i was interested for her weren’t at my price range," wrote Cardi on the Instagram post. "I worked and worked and now I’m here !! Thank you everybody who supported me to make my childhood dreams come true!"