According to study, Skittles actually all taste the same

Headlines 07/12/2018

Already you're thinking, no way... Well, buckle up becasue apparently this is legit.

According to a biomedical study into flavour, smell and colour influencing a person's interpretation of taste, the colour and specific smell of Skittles are what cause us to think they taste  different when in fact, they don't.

Much like gummy bears, all of the colours of Skittles are the same flavour, even though all this time we've assumed red is strawberry, orange is orange, green is lime, yellow is lemon and purple being blackcurrant - blah blah blah.

In an article published by NPR, it explains that "our brains associate the colour yellow, a lemon smell and a slightly acidic taste with each other. When you're offered two of these three sensory cues, your brain will fill in the blanks."

Sorry, what?

We're kinda in shock about it.

So we're not really tasting the rainbow, we're just tasting the same thing over and over?