Nicki Minaj publicly exposes Cardi B over that Fashion Week fight

Headlines 30/10/2018

Nicki just called out Cardi for hard out lying about that Fashion Week fight.

It's been nearly two months since Cardi threw her shoe at Nicki and ended up with a huge bump on her head, and a *lot* of things have been said since then...

First off, Cardi B said Nicki tried to stop her bags so Nicki designed a backpack with "Nicki stopped my bag" emblazoned on it. Then Cardi B said Nicki's fans are "always on my nuts" and Cardi B's sister, Hennessy, said Nicki leaked Cardi B's phone number to fan accounts. You got all that? Cool, 'cause now Nicki has even more to say.

The Queen rapper put her rival on blast during Monday’s episode of Queen Radio, where she opened up about the infamous Fashion Week show down. While she originally tried to dodge the topic, she says she was prompted to speak out following Cardi and her sister Hennessy's continued comments about her:

You’re not controlling your family when they’re staying I’m on stage looking like a crackhead. Are we going to be civilized and mature and tell everyone around us to relax or not? Yesterday or whatever the sister was just saying some more really rude things about me. Lies. So should I just not defend myself ever?

"There’s no way I can lie about it because I guaran-fucking-tee that there’s surveillance footage in the building where the assault took place. I had my cameraman there."

The fact that you would even discuss my looks is insane. Either of you. I'm a bad bitch. You can't control your sister, but you want me to control millions of fans?

"Rah [Ali] really really beat Cardi’s ass bad. Like really bad. You went home and told people that security hit you and we let that lie continue because of legal reasons. I told Rah don’t tell anyone you hit her because I don’t want nobody tryna sue me ’cause they all come to the person with money. I guess you had to look like a gangster in front of your friends, I get it. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah. The punches were so hard in your head that I was mad at Rah. Rah didn’t like her attitude, the way she came at me. I told Rah she didn’t put her hands on me, Rah was like I couldn’t take that chance."

She continued:

Why are y’all so fucking obsessed with me? You’re always on [Instagram] Live talking about my fans, your sister is talking about me and my friends, leave us alone. What is your problem? Now I said it.

"We can be happy for each other. We can exist and do our thing and be happy. There’s nothing that really makes me not like you like that. You know the things that I spoke to you about in that hotel room. We gon’ keep that between me and you…for now. I’m perfectly fine with never talking about this again. I’m perfectly fine with y’all never bringing me up again and me never bringing you up again. I hear the shots you’re taking, but I’m a rapper. Remember that."

Throughout the rest of the show, Nicki teased a new song and video for "Dip" with Tyga.