Mike Tyson breaks down when talking about the night Tupac was killed

Headlines 19/10/2018

"Iron Mike" Tyson sat down with Big Boy Radio to chat about everything from his mental health, his comedic career, and the serious grudge he still has with his former-promoter/manager Don King. But we see a different side of Tyson in the 24th minute of the segment, where Big Boy asked Mike Tyson to relive the night that Tupac Shakur was killed shortly after attending his PPV boxing match against Bruce Seldon. 

The night of the fight, Tupac Shakur was Mike Tyson's guest of honor at the MGM Grand on Las Vegas Boulevard, on September 7, 1996. Pac even stood by Tyson during the post-fight presser, before leaving on his accord, what happened next is one of the darkest moments in hop-hop folklore.

When speaking about that fateful night, Tyson began to tear up, recounting that Pac was indeed "very happy after the fight." After the fight, Mike Tyson went home and went to bed only receive a call in the early hours of the morning alerting him of the shooting.  2pac died six days later.

It's very difficult to talk about. Young kid (Tupac) that wanted to be great and then that happened

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