Kanye West confirms collab album "Good Ass Job" with Chance the Rapper

Headlines 18/09/2018

2018 might not have seen the end of Yeezy season just yet, after Kanye West announced his collab project with Chance the Rapper will be called Good Ass Job.

Other than the album title and number of tracks, much of the album still remains a mystery. Chance has spoken of the album before, but didn't give to much away:

I'm gonna do a seven track with 'Ye

"Kanye's my favorite rapper that I followed, you know, without knowing for a long time." said Chance.

For long-time fans of Kanye West, Good Ass Job is a familiar title as he previously teased it would be the name of his fourth studio album.

"I'm calling the next one Late Registration," Kanye told, MTV back in 2003. "I've got this song 'Hey Mama' I did three years ago that I'm saving for that one. Then my third album is going to be called Graduation. And the fourth is Good-Ass Job."

As we all now know, that didn't exactly end up happening as his fourth studio album was 808s & Heartbreak.