WATCH: Kylie Jenner swerves Nicki Minaj on the red carpet

Headlines 23/08/2018

With a fired up Nicki Minaj in the drivers seat, the shade-train is well and truly rolling this week.

Her twitter feud with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner is well documented, as is the seating arrangement drama at the VMA's.

So it's no surprise that Kylie Jenner doesn't want any part of Nicki Minaj, if new footage of the VMA's red carpet is anything to go by.

In the footage from TMZ, you can see Kylie and her entourage pull an immediate U-turn on the red carpet after spotting Nicki coming the opposite direction.

As entertaining as a face to face confrontation would be, it's probably for the best that Kylie decided to dodge any further drama.