WATCH: 11-year-old heart patient who met Drake for her birthday finds out she's getting a new heart

Headlines 28/08/2018

Last week, an inspirational young lady by the name of Sofia Sanchez took to social media to tell people about her two wishes for her 11th birthday.

Sofia was waiting for a heart transplant, and had been in the Lurie Children's Hospital for several weeks.

Her first birthday wish was to meet Drake, who is her favourite singer/rapper, which lead to her creating her own "In My Feelings" challenge in the hospital corridors.

That wish was eventually realised when Drake cancelled one of his Toronto shows to be able to meet his adoring and inspirational fan.

Her second birthday wish, was to get a new heart. And well, Sofia has had a very happy week as she found out that her second wish is coming true.

In a video posted on Instagram, Sofia's mother gives her the good news, and her reaction is more or less what happiness looks like in it's purest form.

Check it out below, and maybe keep a few tissues handy: