Study proves older siblings are worse drivers than younger siblings

Headlines 24/08/2018

A new study has just been released by Privilege Car Insurance that compares the driving abilities between siblings, and it's bad news for first-borns.

The eldest child is far more likely to wrack up fines for both speeding and illegal parking, and also has a higher chance of being involved in road traffic accidents.

Youngest siblings however, are the safest drivers according to statistics, despite 17% of them admitting to applying make-up while driving and 30% use their phone while driving.

A huge 89% of older siblings have a higher chance of speeding, 47% cut people off, and 35% likelier to get fined. 

The researchers also found that excuses for bad driving varied depending on birth order. Middle and youngest children are more likely to lay the blame on other drivers annoying them (28%), where as older children have better 'more-likely' reasons.