Nicki Minaj shocks Stephen Colbert with raunchy freestyle about him during interview

Headlines 16/08/2018

Nicki Minaj made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert recently, and she made sure to flex her freestyle abilities to the host, much to the late night host's shock and eventual embarrassment (He low-key loved it though).

While promoting her new album Queen, Colbert questioned the rapper about her controversial new single 'Barbie Dreams.'

In a nutshell, the song features a verse from Minaj in which she pretty much names and shames a list of men she finds, well, not on her level 'sexually.'

The late night host was interested in this list of men, which includes some of the biggest names in music such as Drake, Eminem, DJ Khaled, and many more.

"You in no uncertain terms describe reasons why these men would not be able to, as the kids say, 'get with you'," said Colbert, who then went on to say:

I noticed I am not on the list of men.

"And I'm just curious, if I were to make the list, how might you inform me?"

Minaj is no rookie when it comes to the freestyle game, so shortly after being asked, the rapper launched into a freestyle verse for the host:

I might f**k Stephen after the show, he gonna come back to work with a magical glow

Whatever the late show host was expecting, that wasn't it. He was visibly shocked and then proceeded to hide his face behind his cue cards, to the delight of the studio audience.

Before the host could recover from the first verse, Minaj launched into another:

But when you see us, please don't f**king stare, just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.

Minaj goes on to confess that she has a soft spot for Colbert, even saying she is "obsessed" with him. Catch the full interview below to see Nicki in all her flirtatious glory!