Nicki Minaj says she wanted to punch Travis Scott "in his f***ing face" over album sales

Headlines 05/09/2018

No one could ever say that Nicki Minaj shies away from confrontations or controversy. She has been a hurricane of controversy since the release of Queen, throwing jabs at some of the biggest names in the game and being so unapologetic while she did it.

Her main beef however, was with Travis Scott, after her album release was unable to knock Astroworld off the No.1 spot on the Billboard 100 charts.

During an appearance on Ellen, Nicki touched on her beef with Travis, expressing how she really felt about the situation. Obviously, she didn't hold back:

I felt like I wanted to punch him in his f***ing face.

She went on to say that his merchandise packages and tour passes prevented her from claiming top spot, which she feels she deserved.

Check out the full clip below, where Nicki also talks about her current love life: