Machine Gun Kelly drops Eminem diss-track 'Rap Devil'

Headlines 04/09/2018

Eminem wound the clock back with the release of Kamikaze over the weekend, by throwing jabs at some of the biggest names in the business.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, some of those who were called out are not happy about it, more specifically, Machine Gun Kelly.

A play off of Eminem's 2013 track "Rap God," the "Wild Boy" rapper dropped his diss-track, "Rap Devil," this morning.

MGK's "Rap Devil" mentions everything from Em's "weird" beard to being "sober and bored." Not stopping there, he goes on to point out that Eminem's "last four albums" were "as bad as your selfie," and accuses Marshall Mathers of using his manager Paul Rosenberg to try and ruin MGK's career.

MGK took to Twitter to explain the movie, saying that he's just "standing up" for himself, and his "generation," a reference to Eminem's jabs at the young generation of rappers coming through right now.

Check out the track below: