Lil Wayne calls Nicki Minaj's new album "One of the best albums out there. Period."

Headlines 13/08/2018

Lil Wayne has come out in support of his label-mate, protege, and close friend Nicki Minaj today. Nicki dropped her new album Queen, on Friday, and it has already had it's fair share of controversy and drama.

In a video posted on his Twitter today, Lil Wayne shares his own little dedication to Nicki and her new album.

He sarted off by saying "I just wanna congratulate the beautiful queen Nicki Minaj, on the beautiful album, Queen."

He then went on to say that he thinks the new album is "one of her best albums yet," before revising his statement and saying:

...and I don't mean out of her catalogue, I mean period. It is one of the best albums out there period.

It's good to see some of the biggest names in the game showing some love, but what do you reckon? Is Weezy right or just making big calls? Check out the album below and let us know!