Jada Pinkett-Smith proves their whanau is Blended Family goals with new Instagram post

trending 23/07/2018

Jada Pinkett-Smith is showing that the Smith whanau is #BlendedFamilyGoals with one of her latest Instagrams. The pic is a selfie featuring her, and Will's eldest Trey Smith sharing a moment. The caption is too cute, with Jada not calling Trey a 'step' but a 'bonus'. Showing that their love is so strong that they can't just be 'steps' to each other.

Jada isn't the only one who gives love to the blended whanau out there. You may recall our girl K'Lee sharing a beautiful post on a Kiwi blog.

"The only advice I could ever give to any family that’s blended is, as long as you and your partner are open, and on the same page and are united, then it makes the whanau stronger. The kids are more settled and things are a lot less stressful. 
No family dynamic is ever the same, so never compare, whether your solo or blended. We are always learning, always the students as parents, as partners, as people."

You can read K'Lee's full piece of writing here.