Will Smith remixes Jaden Smith’s track ‘Icon’ and totally smashes it!

Headlines 06/06/2018

Jaden Smith's hit track 'Icon' blew up upon release, and it's epic music video racked up over 76million view on YouTube (watch it above).

Back in February of this year, Will Smith recreated the hit music video with crack up visuals as he made fun of his son.

Now Will Smith is back at it again as he makes fun of his son's track once again. This time he's remixed the track with his own lyrics. 

Of course, it probably helps that his dad is a former rapper when it comes to remixing a song. Will Smith took to his Instagram to post the remixed song that explains how how he made icon children.

Boy do you know why you was an icon living / you was born from an icon living / messed around married me an icon living / tequila, yeah we made some icon children,

Check out the full remix below: