This guy invented a 'mobile airbag' to stop you cracking your screen

Headlines 29/06/2018

There's a new phone case design that's guaranteed to keep your phone safe no matter how rowdy you get.

The design was a thesis project by an engineering student in Germany and is actually really awesome. 

When you drop the phone, the case deploys little bumpers that stop the phone itself from taking the impact once it lands on the ground/surface.

The innovative case was designed by Philip Frenzel, a student in Germany, who came up with the idea after four years of work.

The little arms that release upon getting dropped, are activated by tiny little sensors inside the case that are able to detect a phone is free falling.

Frenzel has been awarded the honour of outstanding work in the field of mechatronics from the German Society for Mechatronics for this cool wee invention! It still needs some funding before we can score one of these for ourselves, but we will def be getting one when it drops!