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Kendall Jenner runs into a guy wearing a 'Kill the Kardashians' shirt... awkward!

Headlines 22/06/2018

Kendall Jenner walked into a store yesterday to "grab some milk" - as you do... but her trip to the shop was interrupted when she came across a muscular dude wearing a tank top that read: 

Kill the Kardashians,

While on the outside, this guy looks pretty damn intimidating, it looks like he's just a big teddy bear. 

His name is Jason Christopher, and he's vegan and an animal who wears the shirt to simply protest the family's values.

He had the shirt made a few years ago because he's not down with the Kardashian's affinity for wearing fur. 

The story doesn't stop here either. Jason actually made headlines back in 2016 when he was reunited with his stolen dog, Bronson the Chihuahua.

Whan an interesting journey as we discovered the man behind the tank top.