Auckland trains will now read safety announcements in Te Reo

Headlines 25/06/2018

Main safety announcements on Auckland train services will, from Monday, be read in both English and Te Reo.

Public Transport Users Association coordinator Jon Reeves says it's a smart move, and opens up the possibility of other languages being added.

At the end of the day, Auckland Transport is serving public transport users,

Coordinator Jon Reeves also said announcements in Niuean or Samoan could be next. 

Mr Reeves says it could help non-Te Reo speakers learn a thing or two.

It may help English speaker to learn Māori at the same time - catch the train and learn some Te Reo.

English and Māori are New Zealand' two official tongues. The third official language is New Zealand Sign Language.

Eventually Auckland Transport plans to make all train announcements in both languages.