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McDonald's reveal their first ever Te Reo menu

Headlines 23/05/2018

Hastings Maccas in Hawke's Bay is the first to offer a menu in both English and Te Reo. 

McDonald's Hawke's Bay operations manager Carmel Berghan is holding up the menu: 

Carmel Berghan holds the country’s first bilingual menu, written in Māori and English.

Jeremy McLeod, the director of Te Reo at Ngati Kahungunu, "got in touch with the Hastings franchisees and asked if they could bring some bilingual signage into the restaurant."

The McDonald's Hastings owners Marcus and Lynette Pohio agreed, and so the "iwi developed the menus and some other signage like push/pull on doors and men's/women's toilets."

There are plans to distribute the McDonald's menus in both Māori and English to other franchises in Hawke's Bay too.

This is an awesome step forward. Hopefully, we can see more inclusion of Te Reo in other McDonalds around the country as well as other restaurants!

Source: Newshub.