Tegan shares the two words that became her 'favourite saying' after a breakup and why it worked
Own The Feels
Own The Feels

Tegan shares the two words that became her 'favourite saying' after a breakup and why it worked

*takes notes*

Everyone deals with the tough stuff in life differently - and breakups are no exception. 

Something that's true for everyone, though, is that having a good korero about your feelings can really help. 

Not only do you get a chance to get things off your chest, chances are you might pick up some good advice or just be inspired by someone else who has had their heart broken and come back better than ever. 

We asked some of the Mai crew to think back to their past relationship breakups and how they dealt with them, and this is what Tegan from the Mai Morning Crew had to say

"Whenever a break up has happened for me, whether from a long term relationship or even a small fling, I try to remind myself it always happens for a reason.

Treat it as a lesson, rather than a regret, and know that things WILL get better in the long run. 

After one breakup, my favourite saying became 'who cares?' 

No matter how down in the dumps I got or how much I overthought a situation after my last break up, I just told myself 'who cares?' and tried to trick myself into being nonchalant. 

I think it was actually a reminder that there's so much more going on in life and I didn't need to let the break up be all-consuming. 

After that, I focused on things I could control that made me feel better. Things like eating healthy, going to the gym, seeing my friends and so on. 

That didn't mean it wasn't hard, but looking forward rather than reminiscing and dwelling on the past was definitely a major help.

Breakups are shitty. There’s no getting around that… sometimes they’re completely out of your control. But what IS in your control is what you do next and how you come out the other side." 

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