WATCH: Taumarunui man carries deer through McDonald's drive-thru

WATCH: Taumarunui man carries deer through McDonald's drive-thru

Only in New Zealand.
25 August 2022 2:08PM

Only in Taumarunui!

A young hunter has made the most Kiwi McDonald's run ever, after strolling through the drive-thru with a freshly killed deer on his back.

Tehanairo Tetawhero was returning home from a hunt with his mates on Saturday, when they decided to "finish the night with a bang," and get a feed.

The Taumarunui local and his mates pulled in to a local Maccas to make their less-than-traditional drive-thru order.

The 21-year-old prankster hauled a dead deer on to his shoulders, and strolled up to the intercom.

Video posted to Facebook shows the man calmly ordering a cheeseburger and a McChicken, while his friends laugh uncontrollably from the car.

The video has received almost 20,000 views since it was posted on Saturday, and has been shared almost a thousand times.

Tetawhero told Newshub he had no idea the video would go so viral.

"I just thought it was gonna be a laugh for the town."

Comments on the video show it was definitely a laugh.

"No car, no worries cuzzy!" said one viewer.

"He's got the mean kai on his back!" wrote another.

"Way better than Maccas."