Truce - Faded

Truce is a trio of boys from the same family who originate from Avondale, and they've lit up our airwaves with their new track "Faded."

All three boys have been performing since they were very young, growing up in church choirs and featuring in the Auckland Gospel Choir (which was founded and directed by parents Isaiah and Clera)

Group memeber Izayah (Kid99) produces all tracks and music on the label for all artists, whereas older brother Ezekiel (Ezymusic) is the lyricist of the group, with cousin Ezyrus (Darius the 3rd) taking the reigns as the groups rapper.

Ezymusic and Kid99 are 2 of 7 children, and all siblings are well known artist on all social media platforms and the wider community - attracting over 5 million views collectively.

They desire to create music that inspires, empower and entertain listeners from all corners of the globe. Performing on many national and international stages, Truce can't simply be "boxed in" to one genre, instead opting to delve into many different styles of music.

They are Young, Stylish and rep Pacifika! Check out their track "faded" up top!