Fame's hilarious list of non-sports after finding out Excel Championship are a real thing

Fame's hilarious list of non-sports after finding out Excel Championship are a real thing

Fame asked you what non-sports could make it into next year's championships!

There are so many sports around the world at the moment and some that we wouldn’t expect to call a sport, but here we are to tell you about the exciting new Excel Esports.

Yep, Excel as in Microsoft Excel… you know, spreadsheets and all that fun stuff that most of us seriously dread the sight of.

The event for this one-of-a-kind sport matches the best against the best, as eight competitors go head-to-head to solve creative challenges in a limited amount of time.

The championships are so serious that they are actually broadcast on the sports channel, ESPN2 in the United States.

The championships are complete with scorecards and commentators making them look as legitimate as possible.

We can’t lie, Excel can be confusing as heck, even at the best of times. So being able to compete at that level of knowledge deserves a trophy within itself.

But… We can’t help but think that calling Excel a sport is a bit of a stretch.

Fame and Intern Tylie from the Mai Home Run asked you what other activities we do daily that feel like a sport but aren’t.


It’s a serious game of chance trying to hit that perfect temperature for your early morning shower, but when you nail it the first try, that is something to sing and dance about!


Now, this one is a little more specific to females but those of you who also know the pain of dungarees can agree that getting in and out of the thing can be the most tricky and time-consuming task when it comes to needing to use the bathroom quickly.

As intern Tylie said “It’s an elite sport. You don’t want to take too long or people will be thinking you are up to something else…”

Oh and let’s not forget the sport of changing the toilet roll. That deserves a medal just for remembering.


Remember when your parents would ask you to go and find something around the house? You stubbornly do a half-ass search only to come back and say you couldn’t find it.

Yep, we can all relate to that one!

Fame said that as soon as your parent pulls out the “if I find it” comment, you knew damn well you needed to find that thing in record time!

We then put it to the Mai Whānau to tell us their elite non-sports, and here’s what you came up with:

  • Taking the groceries inside - One trip only!

  • Trying to make the bed

  • Asking you to look for the remote when they were sitting on it the whole time

  • Getting the kids to clean the house

What do you think? Can you compete in any of these? We’ll hit up ESPN, and maybe grocery running will make the championships in 2023.