Woman sues man for $10,000 for not showing up to their date

Woman sues man for $10,000 for not showing up to their date

Imagine getting sued for standing someone up.

A woman from Michigan, USA is suing a man for $10,000 after he did not show up to their date

QaShontae Short filed a suit against Richard Jordan back in 2020 for "intentional infliction of emotional distress" - basically making her feel bad on purpose. 

So what actually happened on the date? According to TMZ, the legal documents say that Richard intentionally hurt QaShontae’s feelings when he didn’t arrive at a date the two had organised - the date was scheduled for her mother’s birthday - her mother had just passed away.

Ghosting someone is never on, especially on their dead mum's birthday, but getting sued for it? That's a bit too far. 

The two had a ten-minute hearing over Zoom with Judge Herman Marable Jr.

Jordan was largely silent during the whole hearing, apart from telling the judge he thought the whole thing was a waste of time.

“To be honest with you sir, I thought this was just going to be thrown out,” he said. 

“I don’t see how this is going to any further. I think it’s a waste of your time,” he finished. 

He’s probably got a point there ay? 

The judge thought so too and told Short that he thought she was in the wrong kind of court for the case. They were in District court and he believed the case was more suitable for circuit court. Circuit courts are used when someone makes an appeal on a district court decision. 

Short believed she was in the right courtroom (how are you gonna argue with a judge sis?!) and the two got into a yelling match with each other. The yelling matched got worse when they started arguing over what ‘perjury’ meant. 

Woman sues man for $10,000 for not showing up to their date

Judge Herman said it’s lying under oath while in court, while Short believed her date-gone-awry committed perjury when he wrote a misleading statement on a court document. 

“Please do not insult my intelligence,” she told the judge. “Do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I do not understand what the word perjury means.”

The judge did end up transferring the case to circuit court, so Jordan and Short will have to appear in front of a judge at a later date.