WATCH: Emotional moment teacher surprises whole class with a pair of fresh Air Forces each

WATCH: Emotional moment teacher surprises whole class with a pair of fresh Air Forces each

Did someone say teacher of the year?

A teacher in Toronto, Canada has done her students a huge solid by buying each and every one of them a pair of Air Forces and letting them customise their kicks with some markers. 

Posting to her Instagram, @teachinthesix, the teacher hid the shoe boxes under a white sheet and had her students close their eyes before the big reveal.

When they found out they could keep and customise the shoes, they let out some screams and some even started to cry. 

She came up with the idea after the class watched ‘Like Mike’, with one quote from the film hitting home with the kids - “It’s not about the shoes, instead it’s who wears the shoes that make them special”.

She wrote in the caption about how the quote resonated with the kids.

She is sounding like the teacher of the year right now!

After getting the shoes, the students had the class of dreams, getting the markers and paint out and customising their new kicks. Some of the designs are straight-fire and deserve to be up on the shelves.

Mahi pai kids!

She further explained the special moment in the caption of Instagram post. 

“My students come from all different walks of life and some don’t have the simple luxuries that we often take for granted, such as shoes,” she wrote. 

“This year we really focus on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment within our classroom. From the moment they enter the classroom they know are able to leave their worries at the door, because the classroom is a positive and safe place.”

“Facing the constant challenges of covid, this year was exceptionally tough for them and many of these students haven’t had a ‘normal’ school year since they were either in kindergarten or grade 1. Can you believe that??!! 😱”