South Auckland locals rally for a 5yo boy after no one shows up to his birthday party

South Auckland locals rally for a 5yo boy after no one shows up to his birthday party

This is what it's all about. Tu meke team!

A South Auckland community has shown what Aotearoa’s all about after showing up to a kid’s birthday party after barely any of the invited guests arrived. 

Rennae Graham did all that she could - including saving up for months - to ensure that her son, Rylee, had a 5th birthday he'd never forget. There was heaps of kai, a custom cake, and even a mobile petting zoo!

However, when the party kicked off, only 12 family members rocked up, with just three kids Rylee could play with. 

Rennae told the Herald she wasn’t annoyed about people not coming but she was gutted about how her son was reacting to it. 

Desperate, she took to Facebook to save her baby’s big day. She posted a status saying:

“Anyone who would like to come to join in at a 5th birthday party is more than welcome! Most of our guests didn’t come and now I’m teary-eyed for our baby.”

Pretty much straight away the community came through for Rylee with plenty of gifts and plenty of kids to join in on the festivities. 

The party got so pumping that Rennae had to take down the Facebook post - she reckons more than 70 people came!

“There were kids of all ages, all playing together and having a blast, he was just so happy,” she said. 

Parents of those who rocked up actually thanked the host as well, as they had been finding it tough to find a safe, fun place for their kids to go to. 

“Many families approached me and thanked me, saying how hard it is these days to be able to afford to take your kids out for a fun day,” she said. 

Good vibes all around!

Shout out to everyone who rocked up and saved the day - real superheroes. We also wanna wish Rylee a happy birthday - you’re the man kid!

Source: NZ Herald.