Post Malone says his voice is 'messed up' from smoking up to 80 ciggies a day

Post Malone says his voice is 'messed up' from smoking up to 80 ciggies a day

That should do it bro...

Post Malone has said on a podcast that he reckons his voice has taken a hit due to him smoking up to 80 cigarettes in a day.

Appearing on the ‘Full Send’ podcast, one of the hosts asks Malone, “How many darts do you rip a day on average?”

The ‘Rockstar’ rapper told the host that it changes between good and bad days, and the difference between the two is pretty small. 

"By the time I ask Ben for that second pack I’m like ‘alright dude, chill out’. But then by the time I open that third pack I’m like, ‘I’m a total piece of shit and I need to go to sleep'."

The host then asks Post, real name Austin, “what do you think is the most darts you’ve ever ripped in a day?”

“Probably like 80,” Malone says before breaking out into laughter.

Smoking four packs of ciggies in one day is pretty insane - Google says it takes around 2 hours.

That means Post once had a day where he smoked for 8 hours! Imagine smoking non-stop at your job, from 9 - 5. Your voice would definitely be messed up doing that.

Despite that unhealthy habit, Post just dropped his latest album, ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’, featuring Doja Cat, Gunna, The Weeknd, The KID LAROI and more. 

If you're keen to stop smoking for good, visit Quitline here, or free call them at 0800 778 778.