Taika Waititi named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2022

Taika Waititi named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2022

The 'Boy' and 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' writer/director is receiving global recognition atm

Taika Waititi, one of Aotearoa's best representatives in Hollywood, has been named on Time magazine's top 100 most influential people of the year. 

Not only did he make it to the list, but none other than Sacha Baron Cohen wrote about Taika for the magazine.

“You can tell that a film was made by Taika Waititi the same way you can tell a piece was painted by Picasso." the Borat actor said.

"Not in that he doesn’t know where on the face the eyes go, but in how he expresses his unique voice.”

Cohen then beautifully summed up what makes Taika so darn loveable. “Taika has won an Oscar and made successful, hilarious, heartfelt movies. Yet he always brings to his work a light touch.

Cohen ends the praise with a bit of humour, saying “Actually, sorry, but this guy’s really starting to piss me off. Mr. 'I’m a bloody genius but I’m still fun.' Can someone else write this piece?”

Raukokore-born Waititi has shot to global fame over the last half-decade thanks to him directing hit Hollywood films 'Thor: Ragnarok' (part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and his Academy Award-winning WWII satire, 'Jojo Rabbit'. 

Taika’s next film, 'Thor: Love and Thunder', is set to release on the 7th of July this year.

The trailer dropped recently, starring Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Russel Crowe and more.

How good to see a Kiwi at the absolute top of his game - go on Taika!